Another new Altar Eagle song

Another new Altar Eagle song for all of you to enjoy.

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Love for Carousel Ocean

There’s been a bit of love for Carousel Ocean at Sociopaths Are Glam (with an awesome picture!), East Village Radio, and No Fear of Pop.  Give ’em a bit of love in return!

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Because We Are Impatient Bastards…

…we have decided to share one of the songs from our upcoming new album, “Nightrunners”, which should be out on Type Records sometime next year:

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The new Altar Eagle is done!

In a fit of creativity, Brad and I have spent the last few weeks recording like crazy.  Finally, the recordings are all done and mixed.  We’re figuring out the last little details, like the sequence and the artwork, but the music is complete.  We really poured our hearts into it, too.

The new album is called “Nightrunners” and will be out on Type Records sometime next year.

A mixtape entitled “If I Could Study the Future” will come out (on cassette) sometime this fall or winter on Eggy Records.

Watch for ’em!

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Altar Eagle bandcamp page

Check out Altar Eagle’s new bandcamp page.  I’ll be putting more albums up as soon as I can.

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Mass Ornament bandcamp

Mass Ornament now has a bandcamp page.  Currently, only Fyxe is available, but I will try to get some other songs up there soon.

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Mass Ornament/Motion Sickness of Time Travel split

Boomkat has some very nice things to say about it… and are currently selling copies, though they don’t have a lot so I imagine they will go fast.

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