Altar Eagle

Altar Eagle is the tulsa, ok-based duo of eden hemming and brad rose.  formed in the last throes of 2008, the two previously recorded improvised, folk-based sonics under the moniker corsican paintbrush.  inspired by the likes of flaming tunes, early detroit techno and lady gaga a completely new direction was forged and a change of name was needed.  the first recordings appeared on the “judo songs” cassette and were enough for type records to release AE’s debut full-length (which will come out in early september 2010).

we also record under the moniker EAGLE ALTAR, the difference being that the music is 100% improvised and recorded live-to-tape with no overdubs.  the general mood and feeling is similar, but the results are not the same.


“judo songs” cassette (digitalis limited)
“essential elements” 2x cassette split (stunned)
“vintage cats” cassette (digitalis limited)
“mechanical gardens” CD/LP (type)
“if i could study the future” mixtape
“nightrunners” LP/CS/digital (digitalis/crash symbols)

“my baptist results” cassette (dial square)
split cassette w/ bugskull (digitalis ltd)
“the life of bridgette driscol” 3″ CDR (kim dawn)
“cut america” cassette (overland shark)

availablecoming soon – sold-out

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