Charlatan is another solo guise of Brad Rose.  The project was started in early 2009 and continues to shift modus on a regular basis.  Clean and streamlined synth explorations have turned into flirtations with techno and academic experimentations.

“masquerades” cassette (dial square)
“destinations” cassette (digitalis ltd)
“hamptons” cassette (dial square)
“equinox” cassette (house of sun)
“exercises” microcassette (gift tapes)
“romances” cassette (tranquility tapes)
“automatics” cassette (house of sun)
relaxation music split cassette w/ spare death icon (stunned)
“holograms” techno cassette (digitalis ltd)
“meridians” cassette (hobo cult)
“voyagers” cassette (overland shark)
“triangles” LP (digitalis) 

availablecoming soon – sold-out

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